The Lightning Pitch: How Arrivedo is making travel less fussy

By Oliver Griffin February 13, 2017

Company: Arrivedo

Headquarters: San Francisco and Lima

Founding Team: Alonso Franco and Rodrigo Lopez

Why we like it: Because it’s organised! Simple. That’s all you want. Travelling should be one of your most liberating experiences, not a time waster, worrying about where you should be. But let’s keep it real, arriving fresh to a new place can be a little daunting and things always tend to go wrong.

Disculpa, excuse me, where can you recommend me to find the best ceviche in town, accompanied by a live band, relaxed environment and a good glass of wine? A patient and friendly receptionist should know exactly in what directly you should go, as they would have answered similar questions many times before. It’s always the same answer. But this can be organised and coordinated so much quicker.

By linking you to the app Arrivedo, all your hotel’s local recommendations are set out right in front of you. Hotels can create articles about recommendations, by inserting places, tips and photos on a map to share insights to their guests.

This application can also be found online and is a comfortable link between the customer and their hotel.

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It works both ways. Locals know where to go and travellers are looking for their tips.  Arrivedo helps a hotel stand out by being that ideal guide – info ready and keen to help the traveller get the most out of their time in their city. Of course, the travel hardened may not need this level of hands on care – after all, they’re old hands at this. Still, for those stepping out of their bubble, the app could be a good bet.

Whether you have a day, a week or a month you can get to all the most recommended places that suit your style.