Lightning Pitch: Mosalingua, the language app with hints n’ tips

By Tim Hinchliffe February 10, 2017

Company: Mosalingua

Headquarters: Lyon, France

Founding Team: An international team of language lovers from all over the world lead by an Italian, Luca and his business partner Sam.

Why we like it: Your neighbour is from Brazil, your hairdresser is from France, your favourite restaurant is Italian and your German buddy is fluent in four languages. If that’s not the case, it might be, just down the street. Let’s face it, we all have more and more friends from around the world and these days knowing just one language isn’t good enough.

But we all know learning another language isn’t so easy – unless you’ve already got five languages up your sleeve or you’re some type of genius. It takes time.

Mosalingua is an app for your phone, tablet or computer that gets keeps you on track and teaches you a new language.

It’s all about the practice. If you’re not applying and repeating what you’ve learnt, it’s just going to go down the drain. So Mosalingua uses a cool little scientific system called Spaced Repetition. By refreshing your memory on an irregular but consistent basis you can keep all the important stuff indefinitely in your memory.

You gotta use it, or you lose it.

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From what we’ve heard, Mosalingua is working on more languages but for the moment you can access a whole program in French, English, Italian, Spanish, German and Portuguese.

Did you know Spanish is the second most spoken language, English the third and Portuguese the sixth? So they’re definitely worth checking out.

The app offers tips, plans, complementary websites, experts and what you need to get where you want.

And before you say thank to StartUp Beat, we’ll beat you to the chase and say de nada, prego and bitte schon.


By Jacinta Spies