Lightning Pitch: Snappy Gifts making present purchasing better for everyone

By Tim Hinchliffe February 9, 2017

Company: Snappy Gifts

Headquarters: San Francisco, California, USA

Founding Team: Hani Goldstien and a tech savvy guy called Dvir Cohen

Why we like it: A fake smile and a polite thank you isn’t quite the reply you want. You’ve put thought and consideration into that perfect gift – well at least you should have (there’s no point wasting money on a whim.)

Trolling through the shops for hours and racking your brain for a better idea didn’t quite work out either.

Lately buying a gift card seems to do the trick. They can buy exactly what they want, right? But how many other people have thought of the same thing? Let’s up your game. You can get more personal than that.

Through Snappy Gifts you can choose a whole collection of gifts to send off through text or email depending on your price range. Send off your chosen collection to that lucky person and they can pick out exactly what they want. Oh snap!

All those times you’ve wistfully scrolled through Amazon, searched for your next holiday destination or assessed the latest trends on Asos, but you’re pinching pennies and have nothing to spare. Snappy Gifts gives you the best of both worlds. By putting your money to a good cause (your best mates) you can both do the shopping without the added guilt.

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But how exactly does this get personal? A range of random gifts doesn’t sound too unique? The first gift they are going to see is what you recommend. If that doesn’t do it for them, there’s a whole list to go and once they have selected what they want, they can customise the size and colour to suit their style.

All you need to do is sit on your sofa, make a few selections and send it off and you’ll probably get a genuine smile out of it.  


By Jacinta Spies