Two language tools to boost your confidence: Conversation Aid and LipSync

By Oliver Griffin September 20, 2016

Communicating with new people can be tricky. Whether it’s purely for a social engagement, or the survival of your business depends on it, the art of conversation and understanding differences in language doesn’t always come so easy to all of us. If you’re anything like me, it will always involve getting out of your comfort zone; a happy place I only leave when there are no other options.

Fortunately for you and I, there are people who understand these problems and have sought to develop conversation tools to help in a variety of different situations, taking you from Shy Sarah to Social-Butterfly Betty, possibly even helping you drive your business across international borders with ease.

For example, Conversation Aid is an all encompassing self-development website. It is designed to help you overcome shyness and nervousness in social situations, improve your conversation skills and confidence and help to develop your sense of humor.

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Conversation Aid was created by someone who has experienced the frustration of shyness, low self-confidence and social phobias too. John Donland gets it. He gets you, and he has the tools to help. With free and detailed advice, Conversation Aid helps target soft skills such as the art of small talk and the importance of eye contact, but also has you tackle personality barriers that you may not find so easy to deal with.

For example, by teaching you how to showcase your true wit and intelligence through light humor, you’ll learn skills that will keep any audience interested. Conversation Aid is a tool even the most confident can use, helping you to hone in on the very best version of yourself.

Targeting a different a type of language barrier completely, but of one which everyone can agree is of equal importance, LipSync helps you save time and energy when doing business in China.

Connecting you with real human interpreters so you can easily communicate with Chinese speakers, LipSync understands that our world is thriving on international business transactions, and appealing to the Chinese consumer is especially proving to be a goldmine for fuelling economic growth.

By taking advantage of LipSync’s services, you can communicate effortlessly, independently and with confidence, even when you don’t speak the language at all. You never have to feel helpless or lost again as you’ll have the tools to help make every interaction smooth and successful. Bùyòngxiè – that’s ‘You’re welcome’ in simplified Chinese.

By Holly Eustance

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