Lightning Pitch: Diplomat Books teaches children about people and cultures across world

By Tim Hinchliffe July 21, 2016

COMPANY: Diplomat Books


Diplomat Books is an online platform where families can purchase books that teach children about different histories, cultures and traditions from across the globe. The first story, Where is Robin, follows Robin the bird across the USA. Robin tours the most iconic spots, from the Big Apple to the Grand Canyon. The book was written by CEO and travel enthusiast Robin Barone, and illustrated by Robyn Mitchell.

Barone previously worked in real estate. As an avid traveler from an early age, she has lived across the globe and traveled over 60 countries. She wanted to use her passion for travel and learning about new cultures to help more children to discover the world. Her books aim to educate and entertain young children, teaching them about different cultures and backgrounds and helping to encourage greater understanding, respect and compassion.