Eventtia streamlines corporate event planning to save time and money

By Omar Elorfaly July 17, 2017
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Today’s startups are great at turning tasks that used to require tons of time and resources into seamless combinations of keystrokes.

Eventtia is one such company hard at work turning event planning from a stressful and frustrating process into a well-organized and assisted task.

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Mauricio Palacio, CEO at Eventtia

The startup founded in 2014 and led by CEO Mauricio Palacio, focuses on streamlining the logistical aspects of corporate events.

Rather than hiring a third-party to take care of what used to be a time-consuming and nerve-wrecking process, Eventtia makes sure you’re in complete control of who attends, works on and knows about any corporate event you’re organizing.

The system takes care of your event from the get go, from the event page and invitation design, up to  the floor plan and personnel management.



The process of picking who to invite, how to invite them and categorizing the guest list can be truly mundane and tedious. The invitation system offered by Eventtia helps create customized invitation with different categories, and even personalized invitations for the highest priority guests. The system also tracks who opened, responded to and registered to your event.

Staying on top of things

Following the invitations, the system helps the user manage their floor plan, task delegation and eliminates the need to personally attend to tasks like sending out invoices and checking for payments. The system goes the extra mile to help its users create physical badges when needed using DYMO 450.

Special features

The matchmaking B2B platform provided by Eventtia leaves nothing to chance when it comes to having the right people at your event. The system focuses on sending up to 50,000 HTML invitations to the related parties and industry-related entities.

The exhibition management system takes care of exhibitors at your event, floorplanning, schedules and extra services, like prime space or Wifi – are all handled by the program through a shared virtual editable exhibition space on the web app. The system eliminates the monotonous process of exchanging emails with every exhibitor to confirm every change.

Guests of the event don’t have to go through the hassle of downloading the app to check in for the event, Eventtia created a user-friendly web app that guests can access through their browsers.

Additionally, Eventtia has a blog full of tips to facilitate future event planning, as well as a list of features its service provides to better understand the system.

Eventtia is definitely minimizing the effort needed to accomplish frequently occurring tasks, saving time and money, and most importantly, allowing everyone to get back to focusing on the event.