Hot take: How Quintype is changing the face of media

By Tim Hinchliffe November 1, 2016

Modern media operations are becoming increasingly complex and media businesses are finding it harder to carry out these operations whilst running a successful and profitable business.

Quintype is the cloud-based publishing platform providing media businesses of all sizes with essential tools to successfully run a sustainable modern media outlet.

Founded in 2014 by India’s media mogul and billionaire Raghav Bahl and tech startup veteran Amit Rathore, the date-driven platform is built to be mobile-first, making sites’ mobile content fast and shareable. Quintype technology also offers a helping hand to media companies who want to develop mobile applications.

“Data-driven publishing is now a requirement for all businesses,” said CEO and founder Amit Rathore. “Big data and predictive analytics tools are no longer only reserved for marketers; companies of all types need targeted content in order to reach their audiences at the right time — and the media production industry is no exception.”

Quintype’s end-to-end SaaS platform feature a combination of built-in content personalization, email marketing campaign utilities, social media integrations, and SEO tools which enable organizations to engage large audiences. Its monetization tools such as data-driven ads and e-commerce help businesses to generate higher revenues.

With one-click social sharing button to social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, companies can gain better social network integration thus increasing their reach and reader engagement.

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It’s personal. Quintype’s advanced personalization engine and data-driven behavioural targeting allow media outlets access to content intelligence, audience targeting and optimization tools. Personalised email marketing including the option to compile personalized email newsletters further help to draw in a bigger audience.

“Quintype is making it possible to run a sustainably profitable media business at scale, helping media outlets big and small to thrive, through the use of big data, integrated with smart algorithms” added Rathore.

Using real-time detailed analytics and algorithms, Quintype allows their clients to review and respond to story engagement. Scoring, metrics, dashboard reporting and visualization give businesses an effective overview of their site and encourages them to create more content on trending topics. These data analytics give companies a sustainable outlook when it comes to understanding and increasing their audience.

Quintype is already being used by top media publications such as Mother Jones, along with dozens more publishers around the world. A great tool for media organizations of all shapes and sizes, Quintype is bringing media publishing up to date with modern technology.