Lightning Pitch: Entryless – Intelligent Accounts Payable Solution That Reduces Accountants’ Workloads

By Tim Hinchliffe July 22, 2016

COMPANY: Entryless


Entryless is an online billing and accounting platform that helps to free up staff resources, by reducing the time it takes to process bills. That’s because Entryless cuts out the need for manual data entry entirely. Instead users only need to submit a bill, and the software recognizes and captures it automatically line by line. To check out accounts payable data history, users simply log onto the Entryless cloud for 24/7 access.

Considering many businesses still manage the books by hand – that is, they still use pen and paper – the platform helps accountants work in a more efficient manner. And further, Entryless is free for companies to process up to 300 bills per month.

The idea for Entryless arose while founder Mike Galarza was leading a finance team for a large company. It’s here he realized financial management and compliance was a taxing experience for a company. Entryless was founded to lessen the stress that comes along with managing financials, and to help give accountants a break.