Lightning Pitch: ZeroDB – Fight off Forces that are Trying to Hack your Big Data

By Tim Hinchliffe July 22, 2016

Company: ZeroDB

Year founded: 2015

ZeroDB is at the forefront of cutting-edge security for Big Data, celebrated by Vice spinoff Motherboard for “hiding your data even from itself”. The platform’s end-to-end encryption service was built on peer-reviewed, proven encryption algorithms. These provide big businesses – chiefly financial institutions and banks – with one of the most secure methods to leverage the scalability, elasticity, and computation power of the cloud for their advantage.

ZeroDB takes encryption overhead almost entirely out of the equation while simultaneously allowing businesses to retain their encryption keys on-site. With ZeroDB’s DASHR secure system for Hadoop, for example, clients can move their Hadoop clusters into the Cloud, allowing them to safely search, sort, query, and share encrypted data without exposing their encryption keys or cleartext data to a storage server. This means that, even in the event of a hacking incident, the attacker will only have access to unintelligible information.

The platform was founded by duo MacLane Wilkison and Michael Egorov, a software engineer and former investment banking professional at Morgan Stanley, and a former LinkedIn software engineer and physicist respectively.