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By Editor March 17, 2015

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Beautifully simple business travel and expense management.


Trippeo is fast, easy-to-use web and mobile expense management software offering an automated end-to-end solution for the booking, tracking, reporting, and reimbursement of business travel and expenses.

We’re all about automation—invite [email protected] to Google or Outlook calendar and automate expense tracking by only recording transactions for dates specified.

After a trip has been added to your calendar, immediately get customized flight results in your inbox with freedom and flexibility to book from any OTA—no wasting hours searching for that perfect business flight.

Automatically import credit card and bank transactions from over 2,000 banks worldwide during the trip—ambient and accurate expense tracking on the part of the employee with accurate currency and tax conversion.

Expense reports are automatically created at the end of the trip with detailed line-items of expenses incurred during the trip, right in your inbox, saving the employee hundreds of hours a year.

Once an expense report has been approved, get automatically reimbursed within 24 hours—employees no longer have to wait weeks to get reimbursed.

We’re designed for the next gen business travelers—the Millennial generation—with a strong focus on design and simplicity. We took a complex, time-consuming task and made it dead simple for both the employees and the employers to manage expenses.


Adarsh Pallian is the co-founder and CEO of—the fastest and simplest expense management software on the market today. Prior to Trippeo, Adarsh founded Geotoko, a location-based analytics software that was acquired by Hootsuite.

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