Microsoft’s Decoded show season 2 premieres this month

By Omar Elorfaly August 8, 2017
microsoft decoded

Microsoft’s Decoded Show returns with host John Shewchuk and executive producer Dave Mendlen for a second season, premiering on August 23rd in Galvanize, San Francisco.

The show focuses on some of the most influential forces of today’s coding world. Season 2 is set to explain the mechanisms behind technology’s biggest innovations, including bots, machine learning, mixed reality, modern app development and finally, tech leaders and trend setters, dubbed ‘Trailblazers’.

While the show mainly targets developers, Shewchuk creates a familiar atmosphere where complex coding seems like a simple task for less savvy audience. Following a brief introduction of the guest company, the host displays functions made zippy using modern tools, while in the past could’ve time consuming.

“What I’m excited about in the future is speed, going faster, doing more in less time” said Jacob Thornton co-inventor of Bootstrap and guest of the show premiere, adding, “I want people to go out there and build a beautiful user interface, there are amazing tools and communities waiting for people to come up with something awesome.”

In the first season, which consisted of 3 episodes, Microsoft’s chief geek traveled to Seattle, WA and Boulder, CO to show the viewers how coders tackled daily problems they face with open-source applications, especially Javascripts.

Node.js was the centre focus on which the show introduced 3 companies that provided tools and solutions that eased the way to Javascript coding. Starting with Github, a company that provides coding review and repositories of pre-existing codes that help users improve user interface development.

NPM, the start of the second episode and a coding packaged-solutions provider and ‘the world’s largest software registry’ according to their webpage.

The last iteration of the show’s previous season featured OpDemand, the creator of Dies, a next-generation application platform, along with its CTO and co-founder Gabriel Monroy.

Always unorthodox and at times irreverent, DECODED takes viewers around the globe and shares modern developer best practices.

Tickets for the special screening in San Francisco are available here.