‘There’s nothing more enjoyable than showing appreciation’: Thank you advice from the company that says it best

By Sam Brake Guia June 19, 2018

Saying “thank you” can have a profound impact on customers, business, and your general well-being. And thanks to new statistics, we now have further insight into the knock-on effect of showing gratitude.

A survey of 2,000 American adults was conducted to examine our relationship with handwritten notes, handwriting, and email in the digital age. Incredibly, 81 percent of Americans consider a handwritten note to feel more meaningful than email or text, with millennials, surprisingly, leading the way. In addition to this, some 87 percent of millennials value handwritten notes more than alternative means of communication.

This is hardly surprising given that almost all forms of communication among millennials exists in a digital sense, unlike generations before us.

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Taken from – https://co.pinterest.com/pin/9499849188518586/

Millennials also demonstrated great confidence in their handwriting with 33 responding that say they have “very good” handwriting, compared to just 17 percent of those 55 or older. But even though handwritten notes have proven to be popular among many Americans, there still seems to be many hurdles to overcome before the post office is riddled with thank you notes. Thirty-two percent say it’s too time-consuming to write by hand, and 16 percent say it actually hurts their hand. Quality of handwriting is also a clear deterrent, as 23 percent of those who don’t prefer writing by hand reported that they don’t send notes by hand because they don’t like their handwriting (clearly not much of an issue for confident millennials).

The good news is, no matter how bad your handwriting is or how little time you have, there is help. Bond, the company behind this insightful research, lets you send handwritten notes from your phone or computer in seconds so there are no excuses for not showing your gratitude with a handwritten letter. We spoke with Nick Pelletier, Director of Product at Bond Inc, to find out some of the creative ways their clients have used handwritten notes to say thank you.

What has been one of the best reactions that you client received after they sent a thank you note?

Casper is a client of ours and they sent a note with each mattress purchase. It was so popular with their customers that they went viral.

What has been the most enjoyable or unique thank you note that a client has sent?

There’s nothing more enjoyable than showing appreciation. Lyft had a pretty cool use case. They sent notes to drivers who drove over 1K miles thanking them for being a reliable and safe part of the Lyft community.

Has Bond ever set a thank you note to a business or client? If so what was the result?

Yes, all the time! This a note to a user who signed up but had yet to send a note. It’s a part of our retention strategy.

From the notes that your clients send, what appears to be the best way of saying thank you?

We find it’s best to say thank you around a special event or milestone as shown in the Casper and Lyft examples.