The Lightning Pitch: Hire.Bid brings the benefits of reverse auctioning for professional services

By Tim Hinchliffe March 31, 2017

Company: Hire.Bid

Headquarters: Washington DC

Founding Team: Founder and CEO, Neil Sandhu

Why we like it: Because it’s an auction! Better prices, good bargains, plenty of options, fair play and the slight thrill of competition. What’s not to like?

Okay, maybe sitting at your computing betting on the service of a professional isn’t as thrilling as shouting out your bidding price in front of tens of people. Behind your screen there’s no pompous bidder eyeing you down. You’re the one in charge. You can quickly scroll through your options and pick out the best fit for your needs.

Hire.Bid is an online marketplace connecting professionals with clients. Experienced professionals can auction off their available time to be bid on potential clients. When business get busy, companies lose talent and there’s extra work to be done, they can search through Hire.Bid for the ideal professional.

It works for both parties. On the one side, a company finds a new worker. Yes we get it, it’s always a risk taking on new workers. Do they understand your business? Do they share your vision? Do they get your culture? Are you on the same path? However, Hire.Bid has a unique system that helps companies test drive professionals with short time blocks of work, rather than long-term commitment. Later down the track if it all works out, a client could potentially hire the professional for additional services or simply bid them adieu and search for a better fit.

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On the other side of the spectrum, if you have a few extra hours, have professional skills and are looking to further your experience, there’s no harm in trying. None at all actually. Not to your pocket and not to your time. It’s quick and free to post your professional profile and time blocks on the marketplace. Then all you need to do is wait to be hired. Hire.Bid charges a low commission only from the fees paid by a client to a professional on the marketplace. No job, no fees.

We know, the internet can be a little risky. Who knows who is on the other end. Apart from short term working blocks, Hire.Bid has a unique rating system that informs the client the level of service they are to expect from a professional in terms of their price value per hour.


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