The Lightning Pitch: WarDucks and VR gameplay

By Tim Hinchliffe March 30, 2017

Company: WarDucks

Headquarters: Dublin, Republic of Ireland

Founding Team: Virtual Reality trendsetter, Nikki Lannen.

Why we like it: If you’re still amazing by 3D, you’re very behind. If you’ve been to a 4D cinema, you’re only just starting to understand. The next generation is growing up expecting complete immersion into a fictional scene – welcome to Virtual Reality.

It’s an escape from work, an escape from stress and an escape from the shouts of the angry neighbour next door. Literally from your couch you can be virtually transported into another reality.

Warducks is one of the guys who know where the entertainment business is heading. They build fun and innovative virtual reality games and experiences. You will be transported somewhere else, well at least convinced that you’re no longer on your couch. With specialised headsets, realistic images and a sense of your own physical presence within the virtual environment, it is pretty convincing.  

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One of Warducks latest games, Sneaky Bears, for mobile VR and takes you through an abandoned building, throwing teddy bears your way. They’re not there for a cuddle but rather you have to keep your head turning and your eyes peeled to check out all directions. If you don’t shoot down the bears before they scratch out your eyes and blur your vision, that’s game over. Pretty intense huh.

If you keep an eye out on WarDuck’s brand, you might catch the release of their next VR adventure, a meditative experience. This is exactly what virtual reality should be doing. You will step outside of your world and be rid of your day to day stress. Not as intense as a fight against teddy bears but enough to transport you to another realm.

They have more and it’s up to you to move past your amazement of 4D and join the magic of the 21st century. One of their more popular games, particularly in the US and Brazil is a Facebook and mobile hidden object game called Global Agents, which is worth checking out.


Jacinta Spies