The Lightning Pitch: Munchee, only food matters!

By Tim Hinchliffe June 12, 2017
food app

Company: Munchee

Headquarters: San Francisco, CA

Founding Team: Foodlovers, adorers, and photographers: Hailey Hang Tran and Chelsea Lam.

Why we like it: Because its food! The sustenance of life, the love of our taste buds, the delight of our eyes, the reason for living. I’m not even kidding and you know it. Everyone loves food.

Now with Instagram around, we’ve taken it to the next level. In February this year, there were 76,239,441 posts on instagram hashtagging #foodporn. Actually, maybe even add a million or so more posts to that statistic, it’s changing every minute. People are taking photos of food all the time because we love what it looks like and we love it in our mouth.

But I’m here to talk about one important app in particular, and it’s not Instagram. Even if you thought I was exaggerating too much about food just now, this would still be down your alley. So for you and all those food lovers out there, welcome to Munchee.

Munchee is a visual food review and social-networking app letting users share their dining experiences via photos. If you’re a food lover, I’m sure this is something you love doing anyway. However, if you’re looking for a good feed and don’t care about the photos, you can still check it out and find the best place to go nearby.

As the food-lover and appreciator, first you take a photo or video of the dish you’ve just consumed. Next rate it and review it. Finally share it and spread your ideas.

As the person who simply wants to eat, open up the app, search for the specific dish you’re looking to eat, learn what’s available around you and maybe pin a few dishes into your own food collection for what you could try later down the track.

With Munchee it’s not about the restaurant. If you’re looking to dine fine, google it. But if you’re looking for good quality flavours and specific cravings, Munchee can tell you where to go.