The Lightning Pitch: OnSizzle, keeping your finger on the (meme) pulse

By Oliver Griffin February 17, 2017

Company: OnSizzle

Headquarters: San Francisco

Founding Team: Skeptical baby, Philosoraptor and Overly Attached Girlfriend. Just kidding. It’s Shane Walker, Fariz Chowdhurry and Jim Hefner.

Why we like it: Because procrastinating is fun. Seriously, who doesn’t like wasting time at work? Yes, Mr Bossman, Ms CEO – you may think that I’m working, but I’m not. I’m looking at memes.

Just looking at Trump’s stressed face reminds you that your responsibilities really can’t compare and Captain Picard’s incredulous expression tells you that sometimes the world doesn’t make sense.

OnSizzle is a web page listing millions of memes from thousands of sources. Whether you’re interested in the news, life, sex, love or just keen for a laugh, you can browse through categories or simply search up what you want and share it with your friends.

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Yes, there’s thousands of memes on the internet and plenty of sites to choose from, but when it’s all organised, available in the one spot and easy to access, you don’t need to waste more time procrastinating.

You can’t really escape from memes. They’re easy to share and spread very quickly across many social media platforms. OnSizzle itself is backed by investors in Youtube, Uber, Facebook and Twitter.

In fact, they are steadily growing to greater heights of popularity. At the start of 2016 the death of a mountain gorilla, called Harambe, at Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden sparked a huge meme movement. Memes are allegedly more popular than GIF images, and  others say that memes shaped the outcome of the US election that Donald J. Trump won.

So spend your time wisely and check out skeptical baby’s face on OnSizzle telling you that spoons really do sound like trains.


Jacinta Spies