The Lightning Pitch: Cognisess, predictive people analytics

By Tim Hinchliffe May 18, 2017

Company: Cognisess

Headquarters: Bath, UK

Founder: Chris Butt

Why we like it: Cognisess is democratising human capital – taking the bias out of people processes to make it fairer, more efficient, and more accurate for candidates, employees and employers to make the right choice.

microsoft accelerator

Having graduating from the Microsoft Accelerator program, the company aims to be the leading software platform for predictive people analytics to support better selection, recruitment and talent management.

Cognisess Deep Learn is the engine and the intelligence behind everything we do. It’s an innovative and dynamic predictive analytics tool, able to learn, absorb and respond to new information in real-time through a process known as machine learning.

Deep Learn helps companies understand the current and future value of their most important and expensive asset: people.

By harnessing neuroscience, objective data and predictive analytics, Cognisess removes the bias and subjectivity around talent selection, ongoing performance and organisational design – saving organisations time and resource, improved productivity and ensuring best fit.

You can check out Cognisess as one of the hand-picked startups showcasing at the TNW Conference taking place in Amsterdam today.