The Lightning Pitch: Glisser, all-in-one audience engagement software for events

By Tim Hinchliffe May 18, 2017

Company: Glisser

Headquarters: London, England

Founder: Marketing guru Mike Piddock

Why we like it: Glisser makes meetings worth going to.

tnw conference

Having graduated from the Microsoft Accelerator program, Glisser is an award-winning marketing technology business that makes presentations interactive. It allows marketers, event managers, presenters and internal communications professionals to engage and gather data and feedback from their audiences.

Its award winning audience engagement software shares presentation slides in real-time, then uses audience interaction to improve the delegate experience, and provide useful, but digestible, event analytics.

Glisser started when Founder and CEO Mike Piddock realized that a lot of his marketing budget was being allocated to events, but it was really hard to measure whether that money was well spent.

Piddock’s solution became Glisser — a product that runs seamlessly at live events, day-in day-out, in front of audiences of thousands.

The startup was handpicked to be showcased at this year’s TNW Conference that kicked off today in Amsterdam.

The Microsoft Accelerator consists of tailor-made 4-6 month programs for later-stage startups to scale their businesses beyond development.